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McHenry County Construction Accident Attorneys

Every year, millions of construction workers in the United States are injured on the job . This includes all the men and women in Illinois who cut, slip, burn, shock, fall and otherwise injure themselves while working with potentially hazardous materials in the construction trades. Many of these injuries can be attributed to poorly-maintained construction equipment and failure to follow safety standards.

McGraw Hill Construction recently published a report outlining the safety risks that are present in the construction industry and strategies to effectively prevent worker injuries and improve general safety standards.

Details of McGraw Hill's Report

McGraw Hill's report, titled "Safety Management In The Construction Industry SmartMarket Report," discusses ways construction firms are changing the way they identify safety risks to effectively prevent accidents while maintaining and even increasing productivity. By incorporating new technologies and strategies into the work process, McGraw Hill found that construction companies have been able to achieve the following:

  • Decrease their project budgets by up to 39 percent
  • Complete projects up to ten days faster than originally scheduled
  • Increase project ROI by up to 5 percent
  • Lower injury rate among workers and
  • Increase their ability to contract new work.

Perhaps best of all, the report found that 82 percent of the companies interviewed reported an improved reputation after implementing the changes outlined in the report. In an industry where business is driven by word of mouth and review websites, a company's website is one of its most vital assets. At Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC , we understand the value of a strong reputation in the construction industry and want to help you build yours by preventing worksite accidents and keeping your employees safe.

Key Safety Tips for Illinois Construction Workers

There are many ways you can protect yourself and the rest of your team by making small, yet effective changes to the way you work. Discuss the following tips with your company and work together to create a proactive, pro-safety work plan for your next construction project:

  • Make safety a top priority at your work site. It doesn't matter how large, small, or labor-intensive your project is – make "safety first" your motto and hold all workers accountable for their own and each other's safety. When your entire crew has the same goal in mind, they will be more eager to work together to prevent accidents on the job.
  • Never cut corners with safety. That means always having a first aid kit on hand, always replacing broken and worn-out equipment, always adequately marking hazardous areas as such, and never failing to report an accident when one does occur.
  • Train your crew to properly follow all safety standards and refresh them frequently. Time spent teaching your workers how to work safely is money in your pocket. Take the time to demonstrate the proper use of all safety equipment and to answer all of your workers' questions completely.
  • Educate the client, too. Talk about the safety precautions you are taking with your client and remind him or her that cones, barrels, and caution tape are there for his or her safety as well as that of your workers. Impress upon the client the importance of respecting all safety boundaries and taking the necessary precautions while on a construction site, such as goggles, hard hats, and surgical masks.
  • Take accountability seriously. Do not let your workers get away with cutting corners when it comes to safety – correct all unsafe behavior you observe and emphasize the gravity of maintaining a safe work site. Conversely, praise team members when you see them taking the necessary precautions while they work. Consider rewarding crews when they complete a job without a single injury or safety violation. Appointing a crew member as the team's safety coordinator and requiring him or her to lead the rest of the crew in safety practices while acting as a liaison between you and your employees is a great way to encourage self-discipline among workers while cultivating leadership skills in your designated safety coordinator.

Reap the Benefits of Safe Work Practices

Opting to make safety a priority can pay dividends in a multitude of ways. Fewer accidents can give your crew's morale a huge boost, save you money by lowering your workers' compensation insurance costs, and help you finish jobs more quickly and efficiently, building your relationship with your community and developing rapport with current and prospective clients.

Contact an Illinois Workers' Compensation Attorney to Learn More

At Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC, we take workplace safety seriously. Contact one of the experienced Crystal Lake workers' compensation or personal injury attorneys at our firm to learn more about your obligations as an employer in the construction industry, your rights as an injured worker, and ways to seek monetary compensation for your injuries if you've been in an accident. Contact our firm at 815-338-3838 or fill out the online contact form for your free legal consultation. Our firm is a proud member of the Crystal Lake, Illinois community.

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