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Six Reasons You Can Expect to be Happier After DivorceNo one should expect you to consider your divorce to be a positive development in your life. Your marriage is ending, your family is being torn apart, and the divorce process is often stressful and unpleasant. At times, you may question whether going through a divorce is worth the pain. When you feel doubt, you need to trust that you are divorcing for the right reasons and that the outcome will be what is best for yourself and your loved ones. As painful as divorce can be, there are several reasons you are more likely to find happiness after it is over than if you had continued with your unhealthy marriage:

  1. Escaping a Toxic Environment: An abusive marriage is obviously a threat to your well-being, but being miserable is also unhealthy. The longer you stay in an unhappy marriage, the more you will come to accept your unhappiness as normal.
  2. Being Your True Self: An unhappy marriage will change your personality in ways you may not like, such as being more irritable or depressed. You may not notice the change, but your friends and family likely have. After you have finished your divorce, you will realize how much your marriage affected the person you became.
  3. Working on Yourself: After your divorce, you will have time to reflect on what caused the end of your marriage and what role you played in it. As a result, you may learn ways you can improve yourself and your relationship skills. Such introspection is more difficult during a marriage because you often feel defensive.
  4. Reason for Hope: There is no guarantee you will find happiness after your divorce. However, you know that you can no longer find it in your marriage. Leaving your marriage at least creates the possibility of a better life.
  5. Finding Your Own Identity: Your marriage often defines and limits what your personal interests are. After divorce, you are free to explore new interests and meet other people who share them, without needing to consider whether your spouse will approve.
  6. Another Chance at Love: After your failed marriage, you likely have a better understanding of what you want in a relationship. Being divorced allows you to date new people and find a more compatible partner.

Long-Term Benefits

Going through a divorce may feel like a long slog, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel if you look for it. A McHenry County divorce attorney at Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC, can guide you through the divorce process and to a better life. Schedule a free consultation by calling 815-338-3838.


Unnatural Accumulation Determines Liability for Snow and Ice InjuriesThe coming of winter means we are nearing slip and fall season in Illinois. Snow and ice accumulation creates treacherous surfaces, which can cause us to fall despite our best efforts to remain safe. Falls can cause severe injuries, including broken bones and head trauma, which can affect you for years. When unsafe conditions on someone else’s property cause you to fall and hurt yourself, you can try to sue the property owner for negligence. However, Illinois law protects property owners from personal injury liability in most cases involving natural accumulation of snow and ice. To win the personal injury case, you will need to prove that the property owner created the conditions that led to your injury.

Natural Accumulation

According to Illinois law, property owners are under no obligation to protect visitors by clearing snow or ice from walking surfaces. This rule holds even if a municipal ordinance requires snow to be removed from walking services after a certain amount has accumulated. Thus, property owners are not liable for injuries caused by a natural accumulation of snow or ice on their properties. The definition of a natural accumulation includes:


Workers' Compensation Coverage Limits Number of Medical OpinionsAfter suffering a debilitating injury, patients often seek opinions from more than one physician. A different doctor may diagnose other problems that the patient is having or offer a more effective treatment. For people who were injured at work, Illinois’ workers’ compensation law allows them to seek an opinion from a second doctor, with the employer still covering the cost of the visit. However, getting an opinion from a third doctor may not be covered, which would leave the injured employee liable for the cost.


In the case of L&M Supervac v. Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, an employee injured his shoulder while performing his work duty of lifting heavy trash cans. The employee went to an emergency room to see a doctor, which the employer agreed to pay for out of pocket to avoid an increase in its insurance premiums. After appointments with the doctor and an independent medical examiner representing the employer, the employee twice underwent surgery to relieve the pain in his shoulder. With the pain persisting, he sought the opinion of another doctor, who identified other damage in the shoulder area. However, the man, who no longer worked for the employer, had not received permission for any further doctor visits. The former employer disputed that the man’s injury originated from work and claimed that he exceeded the number of physicians he was allowed to consult. The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission and subsequent courts found that the evidence soundly pointed to the injury coming from his work. However, they ruled that the man used three choices of doctors and must pay for the visits with the third doctor. The reasoning was:


Privileged Information vs. Defendant Rights in Criminal CasesAn Illinois appellate court recently granted a defendant a retrial in his criminal case because the circuit court improperly allowed a testifying police officer to withhold important information regarding the case. The defendant had been convicted for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. Law enforcement will try to protect information during a trial that it deems sensitive and likely to put people in danger. However, a defendant also has the right to know the full details of the case against him or her in order to present an effective defense. Courts are supposed to weigh the two interests, with disclosure becoming more important when the prosecution’s case relies on the information.

Surveillance Privilege

The recent drug possession case involved a police officer watching the defendant in order to catch him in the act of selling heroin. After allegedly witnessing the defendant conduct multiple transactions, the officer approached him. He was apprehended at the scene, and the substance in the bags he was allegedly selling tested positive for heroin. During the trial, the police officer refused to disclose the location where he surveilled the defendant because officers may still be using the site. The officer did confirm that:


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Handling a Tighter Budget After DivorceOne of the unfortunate consequences of divorce is that neither party will be as financially strong apart as they were together. A divorce will reduce the possessions you already have and the available income you will have moving forward. Child support and spousal maintenance can help recover some of the lost income. However, a court may not intend for it to replicate your marriage income. If you are paying your spouse, the support payments are another drain on your income. Divorcees often must live on a tighter budget, which could be a difficult adjustment for yourself and your children.

Your Expectations

You might not think of yourself as living a life of luxury, but trying to create a budget after your divorce may give you a different perspective. Expenses can escalate either in the quantity of purchases you make or the higher quality of the items or services you purchase. There are several ways you can cut back on expenses to fit your new budget. You can start by determining what are necessary living expenses and what are luxuries. You do not have to give up all of your luxury expenses, but you should understand that there is a price to keeping each one. After you calculate the cost of your accustomed lifestyle, you can determine:

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